Shout to the world!

When I was teenager, I hated the idea of having to read a book or write an essay.  I used to yawn when I walked into a book store; that’s how much I was respulsed by the idea.  Times change people and people change the times.  I now enjoy reading.  I enjoy writing.  I enjoy writing about the interesting people that I meet on a daily basis since we all have a story to tell.

People like the Bubble Guy who makes his living traveling to community events across North America blowing bubbles.  People like the senior citizen who was a nurse at a concentration camp in Germany who married a Polish POW when they moved to Canada.  People like Snake who is judged because he is covered head to toe in tattoos.  Everyone has a story.

People who visit the drug houses in Novokuznetsk and offer hope.  People who travel, putting their own safety at risk to serve the needs of others.  People who think they have nothing to offer, but have a story that reveals how they have reached that point in their life.  Everyone has a story.

As we travel down this road together, I will speak of my opinions on what I see happening in the world – raising perfect children, hyper parents, youth culture, social awareness and the faultering social safety net.

I hope that you will enjoy “Everyone has a story” as much as I enjoy writing it.


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