Multiple Lives

In Ontario, Wing commander Col. Russell Williams was arrested Sunday and was charged with first degree murder in the death of Jessica Lloyd, 27. This man was described as “a shining star” in the military. Since his arrest, “Williams faces charges of first-degree murder in the deaths of the two women and the sexual assaults of two others. Ontario Provincial Police say several connecting factors ultimately led them to Williams, but are refusing to divulge any specifics, only citing geography as one of the common elements.” (Toronto Star)

So what happened?

Did this man just face a psychotic break resulting from trauma faced in brutalities of battle? Not likely say some, since he didn’t serve any great amount of time overseas, but rather throughout Canada at various bases.

Was it simply an accident? Well, not likely. Maybe, just maybe if it was once, but twice plus other assaults…I am going to go with NO!

So what was it? A radio host out of London, Ontario, was hosting a morning talk show and suggested that people may have two, three or more lives that they live. At first it sounded a bit off the wall.

The comment, though, lead me to consider my own life and those of people I know. Do I live a double life, or a triple life? On Monday to Friday I am dressed in business casual, going about my routines of seeing clients throughout the day and evening. On weekends and some evenings, especially in the warmer months, I am in biker leathers. On Sunday’s I am in church. I also have a family; children with whom I spend time with on ‘date’ nights, a wife who is with me at my best, and my worst. I enjoy the quiet time to read a book, and the thunder of new pipes on my bike.

So I suppose then that I do have ‘multiple lives’. I suppose we all do. But there must be a common thread that transcends all of our lives. The most basic common factor in all of my lives, is a core being with basic core needs and values. The need for love, safety, shelter and food. The need for attention, meaning and self worth. These needs, I suppose, are all met through my various lives, but at the end of the day, my integrity, my identity, remains intact. I cannot so much as entertain the thought of engaging in activities that would contravene my values – you give power to what you pay attention to, you become your thoughts, you reflect your surroundings.

Something has gone terribly wrong for Col. Russell Williams. What must his common thread be that transcends all of his lives? Time will tell as the case is further explored.

In the mean time, what is your common thread? Be careful. No one began their life wanting to hurt, harm and destroy. These people were created, and everyone has a story.


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