What Would Jesus Ride?

The Christian Motorcycle Association has a series of small cards on their display at a local bike show that read, “Jesus would ride a Harley”.  A member of an outlaw club said to me this weekend as we were admiring the skill and rare creativity it took to design this particular trike, “I bet they won’t have bikes like this in Heaven”.  I kindly advised that Heaven will have only the best bikes (if there are any at all, and I personally expect them to be there) so I would expect to see it there.
I went online to look up the question of ride choices of God and Jesus.  I am not the first to ponder such questions.  Of course, the majority say He would ride a Harley-Davidson, but there are some claiming he would ride older classic bikes, others saying he would ride something very unassuming and would not stand out in a crowd.  I read one person saying that if Jesus were to ride in India His choice would be a “Cow-asaki.”
The two best answers that I came across were somewhat an overlap of the ideas that others expressed; a Harley-Davidson ‘Road King’ and any make of ‘Triumph’.  Road King, because nothing suits the King of Kings better than a bike named King, and a Triumph as God will be Triumphant.
But really, why do we care?  Or maybe we don’t really care.  We are just filling time talking about pointless and meaningless topics because that’s what we do in our attempts to appear, at least somewhat, intelligent.
There are far more important issues at hand.  Issues facing humanity that far exceed the ramblings of senseless arguments of spiritual bike choices.  Struggles such as child prostitution, human trafficking, starvation, lack of medical treatments, declining morality amongst the new generations, secular humanism and natural disasters.  If we would spend time on such legitimate concerns, possibly we could see that there are aspects of life that we can make a difference in.  
We have all heard, “For little more than the cost of a cup of coffee a day…”  I assure you, though, money isn’t the answer.  It is people with concern.  People with a foundation of morality.  Families who are based on biblical truths, not extremism.  Care and concern is vanishing, especially if the soundtrack of the television fund raiser isn’t playing in the background stirring emotions in the soul that just yesterday had rejected a door to door fund raiser for missing children.  Suddenly we care.
Suddenly.  If it is sudden, is it real?  Charities rely on these sorts of donations.  I am not suggesting that we don’t give or that we don’t reach out and help.  I AM saying, give and help for the right reasons.  Don’t be a hero.  Be a caring and compassionate person who reaches out with sincerity and truth, with understanding and knowledge, and with wisdom and guidance.  These things are only going to develop through education and reflection.  Learn TRUTH and contrast ideas against the truth to determine if is something you should be involved in.
Let’s get back to morality.  Let’s go to a foundation of truth that all things are built upon.
Maybe as time passes, I will have the opportunity to speak with the outlaw biker again.  Maybe we can talk more and continue our banter back and forth between the dark side and the light side.  It is a testament in itself that we can stand beside each other in our colours, almost as though the ends of a spectrum standing side by side.  I wonder what has occurred in his life that caused him to turn to the outlaw clubs?  What is the draw?  What is it that he has accepted as truth?  When that days comes that we talk again, I would love to sit with him and hear his story.  Because everyone has a story.
By the way, Jesus would ride a custom built ride.

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