Churchill High – Seriously?

I heard something yesterday that really ticked me off.
This week we learned of a pair of teachers from Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) who engaged in rather raunchy and completely inappropriate dance as a part of a competition being held for the school’s Spirit Week.  These teacher’s are from Churchill High School.  The dance is being described as one “in which the man appeared to rub against the woman and simulate oral sex — lasted about a minute.”  One youth simply said it “looked like sex in the gym.”
So this in itself is bad enough.  But this is what riled me; one radio commentator says, “these teacher’s should learn in university that this is not acceptable.”
Seriously?  They didn’t know?  Come on! 
What would cross anyone’s mind for even a second that maybe, just maybe, somehow this act would be seen as acceptable?  Have we denigrated our own society this much that we don’t have the where with all to know right from wrong?
Student Saigha Vincent recorded the dance on her phone and posted the one minute clip on Youtube.  Her father, Tim Galay, said, “It’s common. There’s dancing stuff going on all the time, on dancing shows and that. I don’t think it’s that big a deal.”  
Come on! I am a dad and this IS a problem!  I don’t know how anyone can justify the actions of the teachers.  There is no conceivable way that a student attending a school spirit event at their high school should ever be exposed to such live sexually suggestive dancing by teachers who we trust our children to be with for, get ready for it…education.  Try as they might, this is not, was not and can not be educationally appropriate.
These teachers were wrong.  Their judgement must be questioned.  Parent’s must be questioned as well, those who do not see such acts as concerning.  Really?  Put your son or daughter in the role of those teachers and tell me you wouldn’t have a problem with their soft porn in the school gym.
Well, there it is.  I had to put it out there.  We are losing any sense of self respect, morality and decency if we fail to see these actions as a problem.
Everyone has a story.  I am sure this one isn’t done yet.
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