Who lives in your world?

I started talking with random people last year.  Going through my own depression, I found myself soon taking medication that caused me to have a reduction in fear and anxiety, while other times finding myself leveled by anxiety and concern over being in public.
For those days when I was feeling fearless, I engaged the opportunity to meet new people when the opportunity presented itself.  That’s how I met the Bubble Guy, the Lonely Biker and the Man on the Porch.  It was during these times that I discovered that everyone has a story and if we stop long enough to talk to people, they will share their story.  
By showing a sincere interest in the lives of others, I have been blessed to meet with pro football players, a retired university professor who taught philosophy and travelled the world, a devoted single lady who served in the mission field but found love in her seventies and recently married, UFC fighters with a home town connection, shop owners who once had nothing, a lovely woman who had a frontal lobotomy many decades ago, former outlaw bikers who found God, prisoners looking for hope and other father’s who silently struggled with depression.
It was during these times that I gained perspective on my own life; what I value, what I need, what needed to be purged from my life.  I learned that I need accountability in my life to help me stay on track.  I learned who I can trust.  What surprised me most though, was how much I enjoy writing.
People matter.  Everyone needs someone.  Someone to listen to them, and care.  Seniors have some of the most amazing stories to share, instead we shut them out as irrelevant with nothing to offer.
I want to share the stories of real people in the world.  People whom I have been blessed to know.
Everybody has a story.
Share your story.  Email me at rowleywriter@gmail.com

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