Nine Simple Rules…just for fun

Okay, this one is simple.  After spending a day out and about with my wife there are a few things I had noticed.  I don’t expect everyone to be the same, but I remember having social standards and it wasn’t that long ago.  Ready, just for fun, here it goes…
Nine Simple Lifestyle Rules
1. Pull up your pants
2. Wear a belt if your pants are loose
3. The brim of the hat goes to the front
4. Never give your child a mohawk
5. Never give yourself a mohawk
6. Don’t carry your ‘man purse’ when your wife or girlfriend is waiting in the car
7. Learn new words – swearing every couple of words shows your limited vocabulary
8. Stand up straight
9. Don’t litter
That’s it folks.  These aren’t difficult, but I know that people are judgmental…or maybe they just have different expectations.
Ultimately, respect yourself and others.  The image your portray is the one that people will judge you on and it’s tough to shake an image or opinion.  It doesn’t mean it’s right, it’s just reality.
Everyone has a story, even the guy with the crooked hat covering his mohawk while his pants fall down since he doesn’t own a belt while walking slouched over with his kid who shares the mohawk look and drops his Tim Hortons cup as he searches his man purse for a smoke and drops an F-bomb when he discovers he’s out of smokes.

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