What does your story tell?

I had lunch yesterday with two former bikers.  One from The Wild Ones M/C and the other from the Queensmen M/C, both who have turned their backs on their old ways and are committed to living a Christ-like life.  Ace Clarke and Terry Lacey.

As we sat together for a couple of hours the pair swapped stories of their past escapades, they had partied together back in the day as well.  While they spoke of launching rockets and their first bikes, something occured to me; they weren’t glorifying the old days.  Instead, they were talking about the fond memories of relationships and fun times they had together with their brothers in the clubs.  They spoke fondly of old friends and the characters they’ve met along the way.  Both spoke of the number of club members who have chosen to become followers of God, not their club patch; a number that closes in on 30!

One problem I have with some people who share their testimonies, those who have turned their life over to following God and living a Christian life, is that there seems to be a glorification of the old lifestyle.  The difficulty lies here: a life under God needs to be better than any other lifestyle.  When someone shares a testimony, it should be glorifying to God, not a fond walk down memory lane where those listeners are left wondering about the person’s commitment.  The old days should not be glorified. 

Back to the former Wild One and Queensmen.  These two men clearly love God and the new life more than the old times as patch members.  Of course there were good times to have been had, we’ve all had them, but a life under God is better than any other.

Everyone has a story.  What does your story tell?


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