Lunch with a Magic Man

After celebrating on Good Friday with a Crosswalk to City Hall, we returned to the church for a soup lunch.  We decided to try and sit with people that we didn’t know that well and soon found ourselves sitting with a magician!
That doesn’t happen everyday so I thought this could be interesting!
They call him, The Amazing Corbin.  I asked if his name was, in fact, Corbin.  Turns out it isn’t, but his wife came up with the name after a ride out on their motorbike.  She explained that she looked down and saw that they were rising on a Corbin seat, and the name stuck with them.  I never did learn his name.  On a side note, their son’s middle name is also Corbin.
Corbin wouldn’t reveal any of his trade secrets to me, but invited me to come and see a show if I wanted to see his magic.  Typical magician.  Can’t say I blame him though.
Corbin worked previously as a nurse in our local hospital.  The magic man explained that the hospital made the ‘mistake’ of putting him on the night shift where he was only required every couple of hours to turn the patients over.  This left him with a lot of time on his hands.  Rather than ranting about the pitfalls of dreadful night shifts, Corbin took up learning magic!  After five years of nursing, Corbin entered into the magical world of, well, magic.  He has been entertaining crowds everywhere for over 12 years, but the past 8 years have been full time!
Imagine, leaving the health care field for a life filled with magic, and getting paid for it!
Check out the Amazing Corbin at

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