Who’s voice is being heard? YOURS!

It’s been an emotionally exhausting week.  I have been overwhelmed with responses from numerous individuals sharing their experiences with bullying.  It is disgusting to hear what people have endured from others.  
I have heard from parents who shared of their experience as a parent whose child is being bullied while the school does nothing.
I have heard from parents whose children have had broken bones because bullies had their way.
I have heard from adults who were bullied and remain afraid to face their bullies two, even three decades later.
I have heard from parents whose children have been humiliated and urinated on by bullies.
I have heard from family of suicide victims.
I have heard how police are failing to respond to physical assaults.  
I have heard about corruption with the school board and the fear from teachers to take a stand.
I have heard from individuals who have lost hope in the system.
This is what I found interesting:
I did not hear from any bullies – even though they could keep hiding behind anonymity.
I did not hear from parents of bullies – maybe too ashamed they are raising a bully.
All of this raises a very empowering fact – THE VOICES BEING HEARD ARE NOT THE BULLIES! Folks, YOU have a voice.  You are the ones speaking out!  You are the ones being heard! Together we will take a stand against this!  Lean on one another.  Find YOUR strength and together we WILL bring change.
Everyone has a story.  LET YOURS BE HEARD!

3 thoughts on “Who’s voice is being heard? YOURS!

  1. How do we change a system to protect children from harms way? How do we stop the classroom bullies? How do we say enough is enough when a school board has lost $800.000 and didn’t even know it was missing. You can get mad. You can get silly. Or you can pick up the phone or email somebody that has the power to put the “Accountability” back in schools. School parent groups aren’t even allowed to talk about these issues. School Boards are oblivious to the realities of today’s classrooms. So how can we get the “Accountability” back in education. Call your MP and MPP and demand …. Accountability. Ask your MPP for:For the Ombudsman Office to be allowed to investigateCall for Whistleblower Legislation to make schools accountability to the public.http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/members/member_addresses.do?AddType=QP&locale=enAsk your MPs – for Police access to Schools to investigate- for Whistleblower Legislation to make schools accountability to the public and protect people who really care about education.Or you could sit on your butt and say nothing. How many more good teachers are going to be forced out of education before your child is destroyed!

  2. Anonymous – accountability is needed EVERYWHERE. I have said that we have developed ourselves into a culture that passes the buck; "Surely I can't be the problem, it must be him". We can only begin to take action by asking, what AM I capable of changing? Once you know what YOU can do, go and do it!We can't always be "successful" at this, but we maintain our own dignity knowing that what we did was right. If this was a bandwagon more people jumped on, we would see a revolution take place. One where people do what is right, simply because it IS right to do.We are able to call on legislation, but remember, the more legislation and the more laws we have imposed, the less freedoms there are. Please know that I am not justifying the possible theft of school dollars. It comes back to integrity and accountability.If there is corruption in a system, people need courage to reveal it, while others rally around those who will need the support to deal with the eventual fall out. Corruption exists on all levels, in all places, to some degree I am sure.It again, though, comes back to what you as an individual can do. Where will your voice be heard, how can your voice be heard, and what can you do to ensure you are heard.Thanks for the links. As disturbing as the canadians4accountability one is, it sure shows a different perspective.Bless and be blessed.Todd

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