Dude, where’s my car?

When I left for work this morning, it took me a few minutes to realize something wasn’t quite right in my car.  I spend a lot of time in there so there tends to be, well, junk throughout it. 
So this morning when I went to leave my house there was Canadian Tire money and parking passes on the passenger seat and few CD’s were in the back seat.  This is typical, except that I haven’t been to the Canadian Tire gas bar in a few days.  I notice that the lid from the center console was open as well, where my kids would put their drinks if were driving somewhere.
At home later in the day, I asked my wife if she had been in my car at all.  I figured that my console was open because she was looking for something.  Nope.  Crap, I think someone was in my car overnight!  
Back I went to check and noticed that a container of pennies was missing, my pens, a Bic mini lighter and a cigar that has been there for some time.  Apparently, according to police, this was a pretty big haul for our juvenile thieves in town!  Now please understand, I thought it was completely unnecessary to contact the police but my wife rightly felt it would help to at least file a report so they have a record of area activity.  Constable Calvert agreed with her.  
It’s annoying getting robbed.  This isn’t the first time we’ve had our vehicles ransacked, and it’s always only because we neglected to lock our doors.  Once though, we had our van stolen from in front of our porch.  That was a strange feeling; to walk out the door with coffee in hand and ready to go to work only to look around and wonder where my van had gone to.
Clearly though, last night’s act was that of youth, likely quite young because the coward punk that was in my car didn’t have the sense to take the CB in the back seat or the GPS that was also in the car.
Well, if you happen to be the crooked little thief that took my pennies, enjoy your candy, that’s about all you can afford with it.
Everyone has a story, and yours will end with end with jail time if you don’t change your ways.

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