Life’s a Drag!

I spent Sunday at nitro Harley drag races.  It wasn’t just a few Harley’s on the track like there would be in other small town drag strips.  This was a huge event!  Thousands of bikes of all kinds in the parking lot; Harley and Honda standing side by side in the solidarity of a shared sport.

The race teams aren’t your traditional family operation.  Oh no, these are pit crew cared for and dyno tested, merchandise promoted high tech bikes from everywhere.  The track on Ontario’s west coast, Grand Bend Motorplex, brought in race teams from British Columbia and Northwest Territories.  The rigs these team travel with are, in some cases, unlike anything I have ever seen; multi-level trailers pulled by coach-looking transports.  There’s is some major money invested in this adrenaline rushing past-time.  Big time sponsorships are here too.

On the surface, it’s another family event.  Food vendors, brands being promoted, sparkling chrome and roaring engines.  Great weekend to be outdoors.  There was more happening though.  
It’s the Ontario Hells Angels MC mandatory ride so they were there en masse.  Although there weren’t all in their colours, they were there and their racing team was fueled to run.  There was at least one member of the Outlaws MC, his colours tattooed on his back but usually covered by his pit crew shirt.  The Red Devils MC from both Chatham and Hamilton were in attendance.  The Queensmen, The Horsemen, The Road Dogs and VAC MC were all there.  The occasional ABATE member was even seen around.  
In the midst of it all, as if they were responding to God’s word to “go into all the world and make disciples of men”, you would find the National Treasurer/Chapter President and a Chapter Vice President of the Heaven’s Saints MM, one Chariots of Light ministry member and three Christian Motorcycle Association members as well.  It’s a mission field I have never even considered to be a mission field.
Consider the stir it would create if a Christian Motorcycle Ministry emblazoned rig pulled into the pits, working side by side with the clubs and the families in a shared interest and activity.  What a mission field.  An urban mission field.  Such a story that would tell!

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