Sunday was a great time of friendship and fellowship.  Not a typical church service, rather one with over 40 bikers.  Bikers from all sorts of various backgrounds, from former club members to born and raised church goers.  There were pentecostals and baptists, free methodists and presbyterians all gathered under the banner of ONE God.
One man able to make it out to the service was one named Michael.  Michael is a 35 year old man who has lived through experiences that many of us cannot even imagine.  
Speaking with Michael, you soon realize beyond his 6 foot four, 450 pound stature and his face of tattoo ink, he has a soft heart, and gentle spirit.  Michael wasn’t always like that though.  He was once a cold calculated man involved in organized crime and the gang life.  As a former gang leader, he found himself high up in the Edmonton Alberta crime world.  After having his legs broken, his head crushed, his back broken and countless other injuries, he today is an active volunteer in his church community where he serves as a mentor for area youth.  After being left die, Michael “Bull” Roberts was saved, both in body and in spirit.  He wants to give back.
Michael recently wrote his story, and to his surprise, won an Award of Merit and the General Readership Award.  He told me he was surprised; it was his first book!  When I asked Michael what stirred him to write, he shared that as a child he was interested in writing but his father beat the dream out of him.  Today, his heart is soft.  Healing seems to have occurred in his life.  I look forward to meeting again with this new friend.  
Everyone has a story.  You can read more of Michael’s by picking up his book, “The Tender Heart of a Beast.”   ISBN 978-0-9813883-0-4,

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