The Big (3D) Picture

I have heard it said that for everything there is a season.  Sounds good, right?  It gives a sense of hope, that “this too shall pass.”  I suppose that’s what some folks hang on to.  Remember though, with every seasonal change, it leads back to that same place, just one year later. Maybe this year of seasonal changes now carries with additional burdens, failures and struggles.  
I don’t like the picture it paints.  
Maybe, just maybe, the picture is determined from the manner in which we look at it.  Remember the 3D pictures of the mid-90s that half of us saw, many said they saw it, while a few felt alone, like freaks in circus of a different time?  Life could be much the same as staring into one of those pictures.
There is a group of people that just can’t grasp that there is more than meets the eye.  They live in a life of solitude and isolation from success.  They don’t take more than a passing glance at the picture.  Sure they see others living a life, or trying to fit into life, but they remain uninterested, even lack ambition to consider why they would want to be a part of it.  They don’t even make an attempt to see the picture.  They spend their days waiting for “their” cheques, smoking cigarettes and drinking Tim Horton’s coffee like it’s on sale.  They hang out in small parks just passing the day away.  Content with mediocrity (at best).
The second group sees the “successful” people and they want to be like them.  They mimic their behaviours in hopes that something will pop out.  They tilt their head, squint their eyes and play the part.  They haven’t figured out how to get there, but they are a determined bunch.  Given enough time and encouragement, they just might get it!
The remaining group, possibly the group in the minority, know there is something in that picture to be seen and appreciated.  There is something to be grasped.  Their determination pays off.  They have listened to those who have gone before them to learn what is needed.  Their determination ensures that they look at their circumstances from a variety of angles before coming to an appreciation of the facts.
So there is hope! Like the seasons, we will take a time for rest and renewal.  We may lie dormant, status quo if you will, to later break through our cocoon of protection to venture into another year will bring with it a time of overcoming, healing and success!  Refuse to carry a life of burdens and struggles!  Be an overcomer.  Be the minority that goes after the big picture.  
Everyone has a story.  Will yours be one that people want to hear?

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