Tractor Parade

We watched the news last night and a story caught my eye.  Finally, something different!  This wasn’t a walk or a run for charity, this wasn’t a motorcycle ride (although there is nothing wrong with these and I enjoy everyone I am on), no, this was something new.  
Taking place in Dresden was “The Greatest Tractor Parade: Farmers Driving Out Cancer!”  Their website states “The purpose of the parade is to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Meanwhile we’ll be having fun trying to break the Guinness World Record for the “largest parade of farm tractors”.   As of this morning, the record was 601 tractors, at an event in Sterling, Ontario.  This was going to be different.  On the news, reports were a tally of over 700 tractors.
We decided to hit the road and enjoy a novelty that was pledged to be a one time event.   We soon found the back country road where the parade was to begin.  The time came and the rumbles began as tractors of all makes and models, all sizes huge and small started their engines.  Okay, this isn’t quite what happened.  Many did start, but far more stayed idle for some time as the line up of tractors was so enormous.  It would be some time before they were ready to leave the staging grounds for some time.  
For three hours, we watched John Deere, CASE, International, White, New Holland, Moline, Kubota, Massey-Harris, Massey-Ferguson, Ford, Cockshutt, Leyland, Farmall, Allis-Chalmers and Duetz.  The came in small hobby farm-sized tractors with front-end loaders to move around “natural fertilizer”, medium sized ones that seemed to dominate the parade, and some ridiculously large ones that I just struggle to fathom the need for.  But then again, my choice mode of transportation has just two wheels.  A tractor has four right?  Except for the one with only three, a fair number with six, a few with eight and even one with ten tires!  Who needs that?
The parade started at roughly 12:45pm.  We left at 3:45pm, not long after tractor number 602 left the staging grounds.  I like tractors.  One day I would like to have one, although I don’t really know why.  Maybe it’s a guy thing.  But after three hours, come one.  I had the chance to speak with one lady who seemed to be in the know and she explained that the count was upwards of 1200 tractors and the organizers were overwhelmed with pride.  That’s right, 1200 tractors.  Just three hours into the parade and we were just past half way.  For us, that was a wrap.  We started up the car and headed the opposite direction of the parade.  You know how annoying and challenging it can be to get around one tractor while your trying to get to your destination?  Imagine passing 600!
Everyone has a story.  What a story these farmers will have as they share their experiences in the world’s largest parade of tractors who raised over $70,000 for their cause.
Check out the video link here.

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