X’n Biker – Canada’s Christian Biker Magazine

Earlier in the year I was conversing with my mom about my job.  I explained that I had been in the same field for roughly sixteen years and that I had just about enough of it.  In a field with high turnover and quick burnout, I am long past my expiration date if the statistics are to be believed.
So what is it that I would rather do?  Well, I just wasn’t sure.  
I love being out on my motorcycle, attending different bike events and charity rides.  I enjoy the friendship that happens just because of a shared interest.  
I enjoy writing.  Not just any writing though, writing that can share someone else’s stories and experiences.  Writing that is personal and relatable.  Writing that gives some entertainment, but also has a point – usually.  
I appreciate travel.  When my son, Jordan, and I went to Cuba on a missions trip, I explained to him and other younger travelers that they will get out of an experience what they put into it.  I believe that.  When you are given the opportunity to embrace a new culture, a new experience or a life story of a person, you are being given a gift to make the most of.
Wouldn’t it be great to be a writer for a motorcycle magazine?  
I spent considerable time combing the magazine racks at various stores in the area.  I went online to check out biker magazines to see what was happening.  There are so many magazines out there competing for advertisers, rack space and web traffic!  Bagger mags, custom mags, H-D mags, sport mags, off road mags, test ride and new product mags.  Some are very well put together, others, well, there are others that are no more than a poorly produced newsletter online.
Then it struck me.  Something was missing.  There are no Canadian Christian biker mags on the market.  There was one running out of California that was a well put together publication, but it seems to have ceased production.  There are a couple of other Christian “magazines” that run online but seem to stem from an existing religious organizations that promote their ideology rather than the Christian biker culture and the works of God in the world.
There it is, the idea that is slowly moving through the gears, revving up to the launch of X’n Biker – Canada’s Christian Biker Magazine, coming in 2011!
X’n Biker will provide well written articles of interest, news and encouragement.  I am hoping for a Chaplain’s corner with submissions from various Ministry Chaplains, a note from the editor/publisher, clean humour, a ride list, a Question and Answer section serving as a forum for bikers to pose questions and offer answers, a “First Ride” page, and a “Current Ride” page profiling various bikers’ rides.  I would like to include a ministry profile story at each issue.  We are all in this together, sharing God’s Word to the world we are in and need to be supportive of each other in this mission.  Most importantly, X’n Biker will also feature testimonies and reports from the front line of our unique mission field.
Everyone has a story.  Every Christian has a past and every sinner has a future.  
If this is an endeavour that you are interested in pursuing on a voluntary basis, send me a sample of your writing or photography for consideration.  All submitted materials will, of course, be subject to editing and space consideration, but the integrity of the submissions will be maintained.

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