Shocked in Walmart

I had to run out to Walmart to buy some tissue for my daughter who has come down sick over the holidays.
On Christmas Day, our children open their stockings before my wife and I roll out of bed from our Christmas slumber.  The first words uttered by both were “Thanks for our spin brushes!”  Imagine excitement and appreciation over a toothbrush.  
We are blessed with thankful and giving children.  While shopping before Christmas, my daughter asked for her $10 allowance in fives.  My wife gave her two fives and she promptly walked to the Salvation Army kettles and gave away half of her money.
As we opened gifts, we received appreciation for every gift.  Seriously, every gift was appreciated, from socks and underwear, to shirts, to a DSI and a camera.  It didn’t matter if it was what they wanted, they were thankful to receive.  Sometimes we take for granted that our children are truly good kids who are respectful and kind.
I was reminded tonight while in Walmart that not everyone is as thankful.  Cashier asks me, “How was your Christmas?”  I reply that it was good, but that it passed so quickly.  I asked how hers was to which she replied, “It wasn’t that good.”  Empathetically I said, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”
At this point I expected to hear a comment about an illness or sad event within the family.  Instead, I was almost shocked to hear this:
“It’s wasn’t anything really bad, I just didn’t like what I got.”  
This young lady, probably 19 years old, maybe early 20’s explained that she was given “stuff to live on my own.  I guess I got the hint.”
Gee, wonder why!  I don’t think I want an ungrateful princess living under my roof either.  
Thankfully, I don’t.
It’s good to be reminded of our own blessings, but it’s a shame that others live with misfortune, or selfishness.  These things become choices.  She could look at her gifts in such was that she is now more prepared for independence as she embarks on a new phase of her life, but instead she looks with greed and selfishness.  Such a way to wreck a perfectly good Christmas.
Everyone has a story.   What’s yours?  Are you thankful for your blessings?

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