Welcome to 2012

It’s really an incredible time in the world. I went to bed last night, utterly sick of the rain. I just want to get out on my motorcycle again. The rain was still coming down as we settled down for a night of sleep. Although I was sick of it, the sound is peaceful and helps one to settle nicely.

This morning was a different story.

Today it’s similar to living in the movie 2012. I woke up today to crazy snow and slippery roads. Everything is covered again. It’s actually quite beautiful. My offices were both closed today because of weather related problems like power outages and loss of phones, but we got the kids off to school.

Then we turned on the radio. Life took on a decidedly different look.

More than 100 weather related accidents around the region.

Massive earthquake off the coast of Japan.

23 foot Tsunami destroying parts of Japan with hundreds of lives lost.

Tsunami warnings in 50 countries including Canada’s west coast.

Volcano tremors in Hawaii.

Some damage in Hawaii from waves stemming from the earthquake.

Suddenly, things are put into perspective. I can’t explain why natural disasters happen and why hundreds, sometimes thousands, of lives are lost. I don’t understand why countries battle and why people riot. I can’t fathom the brutality of some world leaders. But one thing I do know and that is that my God is a good and just God. I wouldn’t want to face any of life’s challenges without Him.

No matter what you believe, there is something in each of us that stirs the knowledge that there is something more to our lives. During these days, draw near to that small inner voice. If history teaches us anything, our situations are not getting any better in the world. There will be people who look like they can save us all – just look at the US Presidential Election. It simply isn’t true. Out of crisis, a hero will emerge, that’s the pattern. Watch for it. Be aware. Trust only that which is true.

Everyone has a story. The stories aren’t from the heroes in the media, it’s the people that are humble and show a servant heart. There will be many who step up over the next few days, but very few who any of us will ever hear about.


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