Hitler? I don’t see it.

This morning.  That’s when I decided I would vent a bit about this particular, shall I call it, “trend.”  For years, I have had a goatee, or a beard, or a soul patch, or some sort of facial hair.  Everyone has a preference to the look they choose, and certainly not everyone is accepting of it, nor do I necessarily expect them to.  Our appearance, that which we create is part of our identity and can be changed as we see fit.  If I shave it all off, you can see both chins and the main one feels funny, so I keep a little blanket on my face.
But over the past few months, I have encountered an increasing number of people who feel it is acceptable to make comments about my appearance.  These range from “What’s that on your face?” to “When are you going to shave that off” to “Are those pubic hairs” to “I don’t know if I should call you Hitler or what.”  Really.  Pubic hair and Hitler?  Understand, please, good natured ribbing amongst friends is entirely different than mere acquaintances making such statements.  It’s the dynamic of a relationship that changes the way a message is received.
I wouldn’t consider walking up to someone and saying, “Your butt is looking particularly large today,” or “That hairstyle really compliments the road kill you peeled it off of,” or even “Do you have a nest of baby vultures living amongst your follicles?”  I wouldn’t say it for a simple reason.  It’s rude.
I am quite comfortable with who I am.  I like the way I look, with the exception of a few pounds but I am working on that.  I am me.
Basically, I am sorry you don’t like the way I look, but I probably have a few comments to make about you too.  The difference is, I have the respect to keep it to myself and accept you as you are.
Everyone has a story.  I am the main character in mine, perfect for my own story line.

One thought on “Hitler? I don’t see it.

  1. Good for you, Todd! I agree with you thinking it's rude. There are too many people who seem to think that their opinion is God's? opinion. I use the question mark because I really believe that some people think their opinion is that important.It's not just about looks though. People seem to think that they should also run our lives. I have had people tell me that I shouldn't do certain things, but ultimately, it's God I answer to. So, if I screw up, God will help me to get it right again, and I don't get offended with Him because…well, He's God and he knows what's best for me. So, thanks again for not being intimidated!Lynn Nicolle

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