Live Deliberately

I know it’s almost February, but I have taken some time to process this in my own mind.  It’s a new year, and I am grateful.  On January 1, 2012 I woke up with the revelation that this would be a year of RESTORATION and RENEWAL!  What a relief.  Last year seemed to be the year of death and dying.  I believe in my heart that broken relationships will be restored.  That those who need a healing will be renewed.  Broken dreams and dashed hopes will take on a new sense of urgency this year as people have a renewed hope in their purpose in the world.  Their purpose is restored in their hearts.
I don’t tend to get on the resolution bandwagon, but I read an article by Gretchen Rubin who spoke of taking one word and putting a theme to the year.  By creating a theme, your actions are essentially filtered through it.  I toyed with idea of a one-word resolution, but I just couldn’t bring myself to a resolution.  A phrase rang in my soul, though. 
Live Deliberately.
I like that.  Live Deliberately.  It gives up the old living-by-chance approach.  My success as a freelance writer, a novelist, a magazine publisher or any other job or role I am in, simply cannot be left to chance. 
In 2012, I choose to live deliberately. 
Everyone has a story.  By living deliberately, I can help write my own, rather than allowing others to write a story I may not want read or be a part of.  How about you?  Give it a shot and create a theme for the year…and let me know what you came up with.

One thought on “Live Deliberately

  1. Frankly whatever we have or whatever that's going on in our life are by chance until we know how to harnest all the best results into our life by own deliberate actions.You are right, they should not be left to chance anymore but to live for more by living deliberately. Living deliberately is to design our own present and future.I'm so sharing your story on my facebook page "The Joy of Living Deliberately" and I hope you will not hesitate to share your valuable thoughts there too!

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