Resolve to Invoke Change

2015Like virtually every blogger, writer, and author, here I am writing about the beginning of a new year.

There was a time when I view the new year as nothing more than an excuse for partying and making “well-intentioned” resolutions that were sure to live little more than two weeks. Maybe a month.

But as time has passed and I’ve grown older I find myself reflecting on the year that was. 2014. Certainly not my favorite year. It was the first full year without my dad to encourage my efforts, share his enthusiasm, and help others. I did very little writing for my own enjoyment; it was mainly work related, clinical in nature. I only wrote one or two articles for the newspaper. I did query a few articles but was met with silence from editors. My plans for the new year fell off the rails as quickly as they began.

But I led a missions team to a special project in Jamaica. I ran for public office (and missed out by 800 votes). I made some new friends along the way. I was appointed to two city committees and joined a board of directors. We settled into our new church family and were appointed to serve as missions liaisons. There were work celebrations (I received my 15 year certificate). There were good times with friends and family. There were trips on the motorcycle, of course. I read some good books and sporadically wrote in my journal. I learned to enjoy my quiet time and embrace my roles by accepting who I am.

resolutions2_crop380wAs we join together in this world that gets smaller everyday, it is my intention, resolution I suppose, to make deliberate decisions – decisions for the right reasons. Decisions that will have a long-term effect on my life, and those around me.

My daily choices make up my own story. Your choices make up your story. We each have the right to make great choices, on purpose, with purpose. But we must remember, that with these rights, comes great responsibility.

What will your story look like at the end of the year?


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