If Only

if-only“If only…” A phrase that highlights the reality that someone is searching for fulfillment, joy, or purpose.   A phrase that, I’m sure, we have all uttered at some point.

If only I could land that new job.

If only I could buy that new car/truck/motorcycle(insert your personal wish).

If only I could be at that party.

If only she knew…

If only life were simpler.

Nice things to think, have, and do, for sure, but fleeting as well.   That job gets difficult or boring. That car/truck/motorcycle gets old and needs maintenance. That party ends and sometimes problems linger.  She might know care.  Of course, the simple life.

I heard a lot of these, or similar comments with their own slant, over the past weekend. I was at the North American International Motorcycle Supershow in Toronto with the Heaven’s Saints Motorcycle Ministry (HSMM). The show is reported to be North America’s largest show. And there’s plenty to indulge in from the newest in motorcycles, to shining chrome and smooth leather, from scantly clad models selling insurance and motor oil, to gel seats and super glue, from leather engravers and jewelry sales, to run of the mill french fries and pizza. Everyone in attendance has a dream or desire, but this year was different than others.

At the HSMM booth located in Hall 1 at the International Centre near the Toronto Pearson International Airport, it seemed that many more visitors stopped by than in years past. As with most events, we gave out free bottles of water to offer that much needed refreshing for the thirsty wanderers for their next lap around the buildings. But we also gave out 170 DVDs of Barry Mayson’s story. Tracts of encouragement and biblical principals for life application. And bibles. We gave away more bibles in the one day that I was there than I recall in years past; and I’ve been to a lot of events.

People had more questions. More interest. More sense of longing for that special something.

“If only…”

clear-water-bubblingIn John 4: 13-14,  Jesus replied, “Anyone who drinks this water will soon become thirsty again. But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”

The things of the world, though nice to own and play with (remember I own a Harley, too), these things eventually pass. But the love of God does not. When we accept God into our lives, when we accept that water that doesn’t leave us thirsty and looking for the next ‘thing’ to keep us going, then we will have a story that is personal and life changing.

Everyone has a story. Mine includes the life giving water. The eternal promise through Christ. I hope yours does, too.


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