Jump on that Bandwagon

HKO World Junior Canada Russia 20150105I’m not a big hockey fan. I’m not really a big sports fan at all. Sure, I’ll tune in for a Stanley Cup game or the Superbowl and I’ve taken in a few live hockey games. They’re fun to be at – there’s some good energy at a live game (but I miss the commentary of a live broadcast).

Last night, like many Canadians, I jumped on the World Juniors Gold Medal game bandwagon. It was a uniting place to be; that one place where the vast majority can revel together and cheer for the home team. I said to my son, “Not like it will change my life at all, but I’ll have something to talk about at work tomorrow.” He agreed. He’ll have something to talk about at school.

But two things happened last night.

I left the house at the start of the second period to pick up my son. It was certainly an exciting first period. Especially the first 2:34 minutes of it. By the time I returned, Canada had scored two more goals and had a solid lead over Russia! Not long after sitting on the couch, Russia scored. Then Russia scored again.

It became clear to me, and my Facebook friends – I needed to leave the house again. My actions here were clearly having a negative impact on the game in Toronto.   Is it just me or has that happened to you, too?

My excitement level watching this game was also well beyond where it should have been. After all, I’m not a big sports fan, right? Well, there was too much national pride on the line last night and I found myself sucked right into it. The stress and anxiety level of this one game led me to wonder, could I physically handle being a fan?

We also picked up a new TV on boxing day. It was a substantial upgrade that has made TV and movie viewing a much more pleasurable experience. Maybe the fact that I would see the puck last night made a difference.

watercooler4_19104107No matter the reason, last night’s game was unity-building event that will draw us together until lunch today. Once we’ve all shared our coffee pot/water cooler conversations and everything that is to be said has been said, we will all settle into the routine of the day. Everyone, except the teams.

Everyone has a story, and the junior hockey players have one that will lift them up and make them celebrities, especially in their hometowns.



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