Stand Tall…taller than the snowbanks

Talbot Street, photo by Jeff De Leeuw
Talbot Street, photo by Jeff De Leeuw (via Facebook)

For the second year in a row, St. Thomas was struck with a sudden January snowfall with more the white stuff falling in the city than surrounding areas. Last year, residents voiced concerns over the poor snow removal, the pot holes, the difficulty getting around town in general, ambulances getting stuck, and messy, slippery conditions throughout the city for days on end.

This year was expected to be better. Candidates mentioned it during their campaigns last year. I did. I expected more.

Last night, our mayor took to social media and spoke out in council against the threats of harm she has received – directed at herself, and her family. The press picked up the story as well. Mayor Jackson was clear that should threats continue, she would be bringing names to the police for follow up.

Election night 2014

Election night 2014 – Congratulating Mayor Jackson

I’ve lived in this city for the past 15 years and like most places (likely all) there will always be complaints about one thing or another. Those in public office and those who threw their hat in the ring during any campaign understand that criticism is expected. Threats of harm over poor snow removal, though?

I spoke out on my Facebook page last night in support of the mayor’s stance on threats. We don’t need to lower ourselves to such a standard. If we can’t get through the issues like weather without beating our chests, stomping our feet, and threatening someone’s well-being, how will be ever be able to take a stand on serious matters?  Stand tall…at least taller than the snowbanks.

Everyone is living their own personal story. And every city, town, and village has it’s own story as well. Our actions, our integrity as a community shape the history that future generations will look back upon. Personally, I want to play a role in this city’s story – one that will be positive, bring about change without bullying our council do what I think is right. We can work together. Be a part of the story. Get involved. Take initiative to bring about change by working towards progress, not grandstanding.  Join city committees.  Join community action groups.  Join event planning ventures.  Use your voice effectively and with a purpose in a positive way.


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